Custom Synthesis

If you are looking for high purity fluorocarbons or fluorocarbon products produced under cGMP that we do not currently offer, our staff of chemists and engineers are eager to work with you.

Our core technology is the production of fluorine-containing products by the direct fluorination of hydrocarbons using fluorine gas. This unique approach allows us to produce a wide variety of products since the hydrocarbon analogues of our products are readily available. Our patented process typically produces very high purity products thus making direct fluorination the synthetic method of choice for cGMP fluorochemicals.

No matter how large or how small your requirements may be, we can manufacture your product for you with a very strong emphasis on quality. The integrity of your product is insured by continuously monitoring the process at every stage of development and production. Whether you are interested in a one-time evaluation or full process development, validation, and contract manufacturing, think FluoroMed first.

Our staff is committed to delivering a quality product to the customer on time and on-budget, within the framework of your specific regulatory requirements.