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Perfluorodecalin (C10F18)

FluoroMed Trade Name:   APF-140HP

FluoroMed APF-140HP is a controlled mixture of isomers of perfluorodecalin and other perfluorinated C10 compounds. APF-140HP is currently available as a Cosmetic-Grade (external use only) and Research Grade (not suitable for use in humans except under an approved protocol and available in sterile or non-sterile filled containers.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Boiling Range

140 – 143 C

Pour Point:

0 C

Liquid Density, 25 C:

1.93 g/ml

Vapor Density, (air = 1):


Vapor Pressure, 25 C:

6.25 torr

Thermal Conductivity, 25 C

0.58 cal/hr  cm  C

Average Molecular Weight:


Heat of Vaporization:

16.1 cal/g

Kinematic Viscosity, 25 C:

2.94 cSt

Surface Tension, 25 C:

19.3 dynes/cm

Coefficient of Expansion:

0.0010 cm3/cm C

Refractive Index, 25 C:


Oxygen Solubility, 25 C:

49 ml O2/100 ml

Dielectric Strength, 25 C:

>33 kV (2.5 mm gap)*

Ozone Depletion Potential:

0 (Relative to Freon 22)

                                                                                            *Estimated Value