FluoroMed, L.P. manufactures high-purity perfluorocarbons (PFCs) for use in medical applications. Since our inception in 1996, our mission has been to supply fluorocarbons that meet the requirements of our customers and regulatory agencies world-wide.

We do this using a unique combination of patented technology, extensive capability in fluorine chemistry, experienced Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs personnel, and successful business entrepreneurs leading the company.

FluoroMed was founded in 1996 as a joint venture between two well-established companies in the business of fluorine chemistry: Fluoro-Seal, Ltd. and Exfluor Research Corp. At the time, a Fortune 250 chemical company was looking to divest their fledgling operations in the production of fluorocarbons for medical applications. The owners of Fluoro-Seal and Exfluor recognized the potential of the growing needs of the medical community for high-quality fluorocarbons, and joined with Webb Bailey, PhD, our V.P. and Technical Director, to purchase the business and establish FluoroMed, L.P.

Since that time, FluoroMed has rapidly established a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-purity fluorocarbons manufactured in accordance with drug and medical-device regulations world-wide. Our chemicals are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug processing aids; finished medical-devices; medical-device components, and biological processing reagents. We are keenly aware of the cGMP requirements for manufacturing all of these different types of components, and have a comprehensive quality system in place to ensure compliance to all aspects of the pharmaceutical and device regulations in the USA, Canada, the European Union, and Japan.


Fluoro-Seal and Exfluor had long enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership in the world of fluorine chemistry, working together to develop a commercially-viable source of on-site fluorine production, thus freeing both companies from dependence on outsiders for the key material required to do this business - elemental fluorine. This is a great advantage that they also brought to the FluoroMed business.

The founders of FluoroMed collectively have over 100 years of fluorine expertise, hundreds of publications in scientific journals and are responsible for over 50 U.S. Patents in the field of fluorine chemistry including United States Patent 5,053,536 which has become the industry standard for preparing perfluorocarbons by direct fluorination.



Our facility is located in Round Rock TX, a 45 minute drive from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Address and phone:

2350 Double Creek Drive
Round Rock, TX 78664
Phone: (512) 255-6877
Fax: (512) 255-8298


No matter the current status of your project, if you need a reliable supplier of high quality perfluorocarbons for your medical application, FluoroMed can help. We work directly with our customers from the product concept stage up to Phase III clinical trials during development. We continue a close relationship after approval is obtained and distribution begins. We have a proven track record with the US FDA and EMEA, and the technical capabilities to solve your PFC problems. From custom synthesis to full-scale manufacturing needs, 500g to metric ton quantities, we can and will work side-by-side to ensure your success with our chemicals.

FluoroMed is uniquely equipped with the technology and expertise to meet our customer's technical and regulatory challenges and needs.

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